Detoxamin - 30 Count

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Detoxamin is the only scientifically proven alternative to IV Chelation
therapy. Detoxamin is a suppository, made of the active ingredient, Calcium
Disodium EDTA, which is suspended within a proprietary blend and a Cocoa Butter
base. Only EDTA in the form of Calcium Disodium will not remove essential
Calcium, but will remove the unwanted calcifications that promote
atherosclerosis. Detoxamin chelation suppositories are designed to be the most
effective method to remove toxic heavy metals from the body.

Recommended Dosage: Serving size: 1 Suppository


Serving size: 1 Suppository
Serving per container: 30

Calcium Disodium
EDTA USP Grade.....750mg
Other ingredients: Cocoa butter, methocel E4M premium USP base.

Detoxamin - 30 Count