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The FemmyCycle is a revolutionary menstrual cup unlike any other cup on the market. Invented by a doctor, the FemmyCycle menstrual cup features a patented no-spill design for less mess, a flexible removal ring for comfort, and is made from the softest medical grade silicone. The FemmyCycle Regular is easy to use, making it a great choice for first time cup users. It can hold up to 30ml of fluid. With up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, the FemmyCycle can be used overnight, during exercise, and throughout your day. Ready for your best period ever? Get your FemmyCycle today!

When choosing which size FemmyCycle is the right one for you, you will first need to find and measure your cervix. Please follow these very easy instructions to locate your cervix. To get the most accurate measurement, maker sure to measure during menstruation since the cervix will be lowest at this time.

Stand with one leg raised up on the toilet seat, and insert your index finger into your vagina:

• If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and you do not feel the cervix, the best choice for you is the Regular FemmyCycle. The cervix feels more like the tip of your nose and the rest of the vagina will feel like the insides of your cheeks.

• If your finger is inserted as far as will go, but you can just touch your cervix, the best choice for you is the Regular FemmyCycle.

• If you can only insert your finger until the second knuckle, the best choice for you is the Low Cervix FemmyCycle.

• Note: DO NOT use the Low Cervix FemmyCycle with a very low cervix, one that is less than 2” from the vaginal opening, or any degree of prolapse. Doing so may result in discomfort and leaking.

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