Homeopathic Flu Remedy 30c (2020)

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The Homeopathic Flu Remedy

The remedy, on the contrary, provides an oral dose of an infinitesimal amount of the virus material alone, which does not shock the system. By following natural laws, it is able to reach deeply into the cellular and energetic levels of the patient and stimulate a more holistic immune response, without risk to the filtering systems (kidneys, liver) of the body or of generating any auto-immune response, such as allergies. Because it is processed through the mucous membranes, as it would be if the virus were contracted in nature, its action is more holistic. With the Center for Disease Control in the United States reporting that "...influenza vaccines are still among the least effective immunizing agents available, and this seems to be particularly true for elderly recipients," the homeopathic alternative offers a safe and effective prevention against influenza. With all these factors in mind, obtaining a seasonal flu shot quickly becomes a dubious endeavor. Ultimately the decision to get a flu shot is personal and subject to your own specific health status. Much like vaccines only without the harmful additives, preservatives, and side effects, the Flu remedy uses infinitesimal doses of flu strains to stimulate your body's vital force to offer protection from invading pathogens. Read more here on our website about this remedy and how to take it to protect you and your family from this year's flu! If you are more comfortable using the tried and true "Mucococcinum" as you may have done in years past, we also have this available. These are two entirely different remedies and could both be used to protect your family from the flu this winter.


Recommended Dosage: From September to January: 1/5 vial (approx 1/8 tsp) 1X a month for 5 months. Under 2 yo - share a vial with mom, a couple of pellets which can be dissolved in 1 oz of water for infants. The past 77 years of influenza strains in 30C homeopathic potency

Homeopathic Flu Remedy 30c (2020)