OM Program Phases I-IV

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The OM Program (Brain Protocol) is the name given to the specific series of homeopathic remedies, developed by Dr. Gérard Guéniot and his colleagues, used to reinforce the normal maturation of the human being. It is used in both children and adults in cases where development has been disrupted or is at risk of being blocked from a current stress or trauma.

Dr. Erin has chosen to call this the “OM Program”, as OM is the original sound, or the corrective force of Creation, and also because this program is to Optimize Maturation.

Taken over a three-to-six month period, it covers the period of development between birth and puberty – a critically important time.

Think of ACE (Adverse Childhood Event) scores, and how higher ACE scores are associated with a greater risk of disease in adulthood. The OM Program, more aptly called “Developmental Optimization” helps us ‘reset’ traumas of childhood, of either physical or emotional nature.

OM Program Phases I-IV