Brand Consideration

Our Brand Considerations:

  • TOXICANTS! Consumers are unaware of the all-too-common contamination issues such as heavy metals, solvents & molds found in bargain brands. We vet our suppliers & only settle for purity.
  • Beyond Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) The benchmark for supplement manufacturing excellence, GMP's sometimes fall short of our own standards.  
  • The environment Glass vs. plastic? we choose GLASS! We also avoid over-harvested or endangered species, such as wildcrafted herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and over-fished marine oils. If it's not good for the Earth, it's not good for YOU!
  • Clinical efficacy The primary reason Dr. Erin is constantly moving to new products! If it doesn't WORK, it's outta here!
  • Ethics We can only endorse brands that support high moral values.
  • And, if possible, Local!  When the other standards are also met, we source from local vendors, as we're small & local, too!

In summary, we work with companies that have values that reflect our own.

This is our quality assurance.  Don't shortchange your health for discounts.