Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

As more and more Americans move to using natural supplements and homeopathics in seeking better health, the notion of Quality Assurance (QA) must be more readily understood and investigated by the common person and most definitely, by the natural health care practitioner.  This section of our site is devoted to helping to educate the consumer as to how and why they need to pay attention to this issue.  Most importantly-when it comes to your health please do not assume a product is not contaminated just because a company uses GMPs!

Dr. Rick Liva, RPh, ND, writes many articles we post here. He is a leader in educating practitioners and naturopathic community overall about QA. After having discovered too many products that did not meet “label claim” (i.e. a product that has less of an ingredient upon testing than what the label claims) or too many products that tested positive for any number of contaminants, Dr. Liva decided to start a company himself in order to have supplements that were pure enough for his own standards and for his own health.

We hope you will read this information and take the issue of purity seriously when it comes to buying products intended to improve your health.  Every person on this planet has some form of chemical or another (or even several, which is more likely) stored in his or her body.  Taking supplements with chemicals in them only makes matters worse, despite any improvement the product may give in the short-term.  Cheap supplements almost tell you by the price that contamination is possible-since it costs money to test for solvents, bacteria, yeast, etc.  Don’t cut yourself short by thinking you are getting a bargain-make sure you know the source of your supplements.

Dr. Rick Liva, ND

Dr. Rick Liva, RPh, ND graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in 1975 and National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1982. He is the managing physician at the Connecticut Center For Health, located in Middletown and West Hartford. Dr. Liva is a founding member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and past president of the Connecticut Society of Naturopathic Physicians. He has been involved in dietary supplement manufacturing since 1985 and is the president, CEO and director of Quality Control and Quality Assurance at Vital Nutrients, certified by the NSF International and the National Nutritional Food Association (NNFA) for Current Good Manufacturing Practices.
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