12 Magnet Water Vortex Magnetizer 3.0 ~

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New 12 Neodymium Magnet Version!  Embeded with 4674 beneficial frequencies and anti EMF radiation technology!

This is our new 12 Magnet Water Vortex Magnetizer 3.0 2021 model which has been designed specifically for applications requiring higher power and stronger magnetic field effect.

The 12 powerful neodymium magnets are carefully arranged in an alternating geometric polarity array for maximum effect and energy re-structuring.

This new 2021 3.0 model contains 12 ultra-powerful neodymium magnets arranged in a double hexagonal array. This new double hexagonal 12-magnet array is particularly useful for researchers who are structuring liposomal formulations and oils. We use this advanced design for combining and energizing homeopathic and isopathic remedies with bio-available copper and electrically isolated silver nano particles.

Watch this short video for more in depth information on this unique water vortexer: https://vimeo.com/70012581

Each Water Vortex Magnetizer is fabricated and machined in a professional machine shop to exacting and precise specifications.


  1. Fill one bottle 2/3 full of water and set on table. Screw on the Water Vortex Magnetizer. Turn the second bottle upside down and screw into the top half of the Water Vortex Magnetizer.

  2. Invert both bottles and hold the bottom bottle with your left hand and spin the top bottle with your right hand clockwise a few times. This will create a nice vortex in the top bottle.

  3. Repeat step B two more times.

  4. You can also experiment by alternately rotating the bottle clockwise and then counter-clockwise which we believe may erase any negative imprints in the water structure.

  5. We are often asked, which water bottles work best? Almost any standard water bottle works just fine, however, we have found that the brand "SmartWater" by Glaceau (www.glaceau.com) is ideal in shape and thread pattern to produce a perfect water vortex. SmartWater bottles come in several sizes and we prefer the 750 mL. SmartWater is available at many natural food stores including Whole Foods. Plastic bottles work better than glass because they form a better seal.

  6. Also, a common question is if it is better to use glass bottles versus plastic. We understand the feelings many people have regarding plastic, however, we don't recommend glass for energizing. What many don't realize is that plastic is made from oil which is part of the earth and considered the life blood of the earth and quality plastic is highly energizing for charging, re-structuring and imprinting water as it develops an excellent static valence electrical charge. Glass is an insulator and has no energetic properties whatsoever which makes it very poor for charging and re-structuring water. We recommend that you imprint and charge your water in good quality BPA free plastic bottles, then store the water in glass bottles to keep the water as insulated and fresh as possible.

12 Magnet Water Vortex Magnetizer 3.0 ~