Autoimmune Flare Bundle

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When it appears that your immune system is in a heightened state and over-reacting, we call this an “autoimmune flare”. This pattern is evident when your eosinophils (shown in bloodwork) are elevated above 3-4% of all white blood cells (WBC’s) and when you have previously shown autoimmune patterns in labs and symptoms. If Interleukin-8 (IL-8) can be obtained, this also confirms the flare.


For 15 off, this bundle includes this 7 day intensive protocol helps to stabilize and heal your hyperreactive immune system:

D-Mulsion: 50,000 (5 drops) of Vitamin D per day.

A-Mulsion: 100,000 (10 drops) per day.

Ultra-Pure Fish Oil: 9 grams per day.

Alphadophilus (Probiotic): 3 capsules per day.

*D-Mulsion and A-Mulsion are the emulsified, natural non-toxic versions of Vitamins A and D. At the high doses we use for the AUTOIMMUNE FLARE PROTOCOL, we recommend avoiding substituting other types which are not guaranteed to be non-synthetic. 


Autoimmune Flare Bundle