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Biotonic is a formula of Chinese herbs. Incorporating Lui Zi tang (Six Gentlemen) the classic formula for tonifying Spleen/Stomach and resolving damp. The formula adds herbs that invigorate and tonify blood. This formula is used in conjunction with probiotics to repair the tight junctions of the gut villi while resolving dysbiosis in the gut. It is also appropriate in conjunction with Biocidin or Olivirex to use if there is Spleen qi deficiency. The overall nature of the Biotonic is slightly warm, tonifying and moving.

Take 10 drops twice a day. Children ages 7 -12: 5 drop three times a day. Teenagers may use 10 drops twice a day. Biotonic™ may be taken at the same time as Biocidin®. Available as part of the BioClear™ Program with Biocidin® and Proflora®.


Biotonic 2 oz ~