Dental Support Bundle

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For 10% off, this bundle includes the following items below to assist the body’s natural healing process in relation to a dental abscess, dental surgery, or dental complaints.

  • Unda #2
  • Unda #710
  • Silicea 6C
  • Hepar Sulph 6C
  • Herbal Biotic 60 caps


Mix the following in a large container of water and sip on this mixture all day for 3-4 days after dental procedure or abscess presentation:

Unda 2 & 710: 20 drops of each in 32 oz. water

Silicea 6C & Hepar Sulph 6C: 6 pellets of each


In lieu of antibiotics for any dental infection, use Herbal Biotic: 2 caps, twice a day for 7-10 days


Daily Suggestions:

  1. Floss (no Glide- chemicals!)
  2. Use an electric / soft bristled brush
  3. Use Dentalcidin toothpaste – available at our office for purchase
  4. Sesame or coconut oil pulling - Swish 1 tablespoon for 10-15 minutes once a day
  5. Rinse with sea salt water/consider getting a “Waterpik”

Dental Support Bundle