Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS 4 oz

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For those suffering primarily from problems in the brain, meninges, and peripheral nerves from Lyme toxins and heavy metals. Indications include, but are not limited to cognitive disturbances, dizziness, and vertigo, disturbances in vision, neuritis, neuralgia, numbness, palsies, and headaches.

Recommended Dosage: 1 full dropperful, twice a day

Silphium lac. 100mg, beta-sitosterol 100mg, chlorella 250mg, molybdenum 100mcg, as well as the sarcobioenergetic potencies in P6, 12, and 30 of cerebrospinal fluid, dura mater, cerebellum, optic nerve, substantia nigra, cerebral cortex, cranial nerve VIII (vestibulocochlear n.), myelencephalon, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, quadrigeminal plate, lumbar plexus, brachial plexus, periodontium.

Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS 4 oz