Patient MindBody Program

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This "MindBody Temperament Balancing" Program helps to balance a person's mood and temper strong emotionsUnlike Classical homeopathy, which uses only one remedy, this method recognizes that all humans are a cacophony of emotions, feelings and experiences that drive the mind's tendency to replicate what may be 'unfinished'. Developed by Dr. Gérard Guéniot, Dr. Erin's mentor, this method picks up on the French method of layering multiple remedies in one prescription to reflect the complexity found in each individual. Dr. Erin has been using this method for over twenty years to great effect in the majority of her patients.


"When the entire Options Naturopathic Clinic staff asked to be prescribed the "Sunday remedies", the team realized it was time to introduce this concept to a wider audience. As a highly viable alternative to everything from antidepressants, anxiolytics (anti-anxiety medication), hormone therapy and even antipsychotics, this non-toxic, 100% safe, zero side effect methodology is vastly under-utilized. In our worldview, few of the drugs are necessary if assistance in balancing the temperament is provided. Furthermore, a host of other medical issues may eventually arise when it is NOT balanced, as it is our minds, stress and fears that drive our bodies to create the host of stress chemicals and hormones that drive disease. (Psyche-->Brain-->Body)" -Dr. Erin

Patient MindBody Program