Smell the Roses Bundle

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If you have actually lost your smell you may want even more comprehensive support through adding Zinc & Liposomal Hydroxy B12, which are connected through research in loss of smell and taste. We also incorporated homeopathic Stramonium, which helps resolve this upsetting loss of your basic senses related to eating. Try this Sense Repair Bundle, which includes these three components for the difficult cases! Zinc is also one of the most critical nutrients related to poor immune function while B12 is one of the leading deficiencies in the US population.

For 15% off, this bundle includes:

Zinc Citrate: 2 capsule daily

Liposomal Hydroxy-B12: 2 sprays daily, in the morning or afternoon

Stramonium 6C: 3 pellets under the tongue, away from food or water - daily

*We have additional homeopathic remedies that we are able to suggest if need be for repairing sense of smell. Please contact our office for additional support.



Smell the Roses Bundle