Smell the Roses Bundle

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This bundle specifically targets mineral deficiencies to replenish the senses after COVID infection. We have also included a homeopathic remedy that assists in bringing back the senses, however, there are more remedies that we are able to suggest, if need be, for support in repairing the senses. Please contact our office to book an appointment for any additional support.


For 10% off, this bundle includes:


Vital Nutrients Zinc Citrate: 1 capsule daily

Liposomal Hydroxy-B12: 2 sprays daily, in the morning or afternoon

Stramonium 6C: 3 pellets under the tongue, away from food or water - daily


*Recent research has shown us that B12 deficiency shows promising data that is linked to a weakened sense of smell. We paired this data with the top complaint of COVID aftermath and had an "AHA!" moment, as B12 is one of the leading deficiencies. We threw in Zinc for additional support for the immune system!

Smell the Roses Bundle