Solum Aesculus Body Oil 125 ml ~

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Temporarily relieves symptoms of over-sensitivity to one’s environment. Contains extract of peat, St. John’s wort, horse chestnut and horsetail plant which promote emotional stability and forms a barrier of emotional strength between you and your environment. Additonally, this remedy contains lavender, which supports calming. This oil like many can also be used in baths or after dry-brushing the skin with a natural vegetable fiber brush.

Ages 2 and older: Apply oil to skin morning and evening, especially over the chest and heart. Under age 2: Consult a physician.


Organic olive oil, Peat extract, Lanolin, Lanolin alcohol, Horse chestnut seed extract, Horsetail extract, Essential oil blend, St. John’s wort extract

Solum Aesculus Body Oil 125 ml ~